Patriarch: His Beatitude John X     Archbishop: His Eminence Metropolitan Silouan    
Priest: Fr Alban   email: father.alban11@gmail. com

Copyright of the Orthodox Christian Parish of St Aethelheard, Louth, Lincolnshire.  Registered Charity No 1102841

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Who are we?

The Parish of St Aethelheard started life as a group of converts to Orthodoxy in the late 1990s. They, along with other communities of converts in Britain, were welcomed into Orthodoxy by the then Patriarch of Antioch, Ignatius IV, of whom may Memory be Eternal! The parish is made up of British converts plus many Orthodox Christians from other countries, and includes many families with children.

The Orthodox Christian Church is the one Holy Universal and Apostolic Church which from the beginning has maintained the True Faith, with nothing added or taken away. The Antiochian Patriarchate is one of the five sister churches (Patriarchates) that formed the original Orthodox Christian Church: Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria, Antioch, Jerusalem. Followers of Apostles Peter and Paul, the disciples, were first called Christians in Antioch. [Acts 11:26] The present Patriarch is His Beatitude John X (top left) who is well known to the Louth Parish. He visited it when Bishop of Pergou, and later as Metropolitan of Central Europe. In October 2013 the Holy Synod established the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland and in February 2016 Bishop Silouan Oner  (left) was enthroned as our new Metropolitan. He has made several visits to the parish of St Aethelheard.

Britain was first converted to Christianity by missionaries from the Universal Christian Church. It was only when William the Conqueror came with Papal backing (Rome having sadly separated from the other four Patriarchates in the 11th century),that this country lost her connection to the True Faith.
The patron saint of this parish, St Aethelheard, was Abbot of Louth in the eighth century, and became 15th Archbishop of Canterbury in AD 792.
This is an icon to All the Saints of Britain and Ireland. Saint Arsenios of Paros who died in 1877 said The Church in The British Isles will only begin to grow when She begins to again venerate Her own Saints.       

Patriarch John X Icon of all the Saints of Britain and Ireland
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Metropolitan Silouan